Biden Cowers In His Basement — And The Public Is Catching On

Kevin Liptak, a CNN White House reporter analyzed the presidential historical record and found that while 15 of Biden’s predecessors had held a press conference within the first 33 days of office, Biden is the first in a century to have stayed cooped up for 43 days.

Biden frequently criticized former President Trump for having hostile relations with the media, but now has been ignoring and dodging them for weeks. 

Brett Bruen, who acted under the Obama administration as White House director of global engagement spoke out saying that Biden’s limited access is telling, that the president seems to place little importance on the media.

Bruen also says that while there may be a short term benefit for Biden’s team to maintain strict control of his appearances, that it will eventually become “counterproductive” as he argues that the White House and journalists have a symbiotic relationship.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki claimed that Biden would be holding a solo press conference but did not offer a time frame.

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