Biden Cowers In Fear As Trump’s Power Continues To Grow

Biden is delusional, but the Democrats refuse to admit it. The proof is in the pudding, and the narrative he’s pushing about Democrats’ controlling congress after the midterm elections in November is just further proof that he’s completely out of touch with reality. Biden really believes that not only are Democrats going to keep their control, but he thinks their majority is going to expand. Despite the fact that the majorities they hold in the Senate and House are sitting in the single digits, he’s convinced. His arrogance will likely be used to Republicans’ advantage though, and it’s inevitable that the GOP will take control of the house at least, and likely the Senate as well.

Biden’s strategy for winning is also laughable. He says he plans to get people to vote Democrat by telling them what a great job Democrats have already done, and what a great job they’re planning to do in the future. But as is typical of Biden, he doesn’t have any proof of any accomplishments.

Biden is also trying to use what he imagines is a country that’s united in their hatred of Trump to his advantage. He’s asking people to vote based on which party they think is a party that is working for the people and the future while giving him the bleak secondary option that says people can vote for a party that’s run by “one man.” He didn’t name Trump exclusively, but everyone knows who he’s talking about.

This type of desperation is coming just days after Biden’s last press conference, which was a total disaster. It was full of typical Biden blunders and statements that made everyone squirm. Especially when he made everyone doubt the legitimacy of America’s elections, saying that he could foresee a future where the midterms weren’t legitimate.

Democrats then doubled down on these statements, which isn’t helping their chances at securing power in the future. The truth is that Democrats continue to shoot themselves in the foot when it comes to the Democrat party. With how things are going, the very future of their party is at risk.

Author: Jenny Height