Biden Could Never Win 2024 And This Proves It

Democrat President Joe Biden’s approval ratings just got a whole lot worse according to a mainstream poll conducted by leftists. His figures have crumbled to a measly 33% according to a recent report, as the President has failed to address the nation’s supply chain issues, pandemic, immigration crisis, and skyrocketing inflation, among many other issues.

Quinnipiac University reports that the American public gave Biden “a negative 33%… job approval rating,” which they note is even lower than his previously dismal score of 36% from November of last year.

Biden’s shriveling approval rating amongst Democrat voters dropped from 87% to a mere 75% in the most recent poll, with the number of Democrats who declare outright disapproval of his job performance doubling from 7% of Leftist respondents to 14%. Furthermore, just 25% of Independents approved of the way Biden is managing his role in the Oval Office, with a mere 2%, that’s right, just 2% of Republicans approving of Biden’s performance so far.

Biden’s greatest failures, ranked by highest degree of disapproval include the economy, with a 57/34 disapproval split, foreign policy, at 54/35, and coronavirus response, which ranked 55/39.

Broken down by racial demographics, the least approving group for Biden is Hispanics, with just 28% finding his job performance satisfactory.

Polling Analyst Tim Mallow of Quinnipiac U called the report a “rocky start” that shows “low grades on his year one report card.”

NRCC Spokesman Mike Berg said of the figures that “Biden’s historic unpopularity is horrible news for vulnerable Democrats… an anchor around every… Democrat in the country.”

The report adds that the majority of Americans also believe that Biden is further dividing the country.

Polling over the last couple of months have predicted that Republicans will dominate the coming midterm elections.

Biden received widespread criticism for his Tuesday speech that aimed at further dividing the country in two. He called the current divide as bad as the disunion of the Civil War, and conflated Republicans with Confederates. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) called Biden’s remarks “profoundly, profoundly unpresidential.”

Author: Aaron Baker