Biden Condemns Domestic Terrorists — Leaves One Group Out

President Biden made a radical assertion last Tuesday, claiming that terrorism rooted in white supremacy is “the most lethal threat” that the United States currently faces.

Biden gave a speech on the 100th anniversary of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre of the Greenwood district, condemning white supremacy and overstating its influence.

Biden says that the “intelligence community” informed him that “terrorism from white supremacy” is the greatest homeland security issue today. He specified that “White supremacists” are the real danger, “Not ISIS. Not Al Qaeda.”

Biden most likely was speaking in reference to a singular statement from Chad Wolf, acting U.S. Homeland Security Secretary, who made the claim in front of Congress calling white supremacy “persistent and lethal.” In October of 2020, the DHS reported that white supremacist violence has been responsible for the highest number of fatal attacks more than any other domestic extremist group since 2018.

Biden brought up the Tulsa massacre of a black community as demonstration of white supremacists long history in the country, and compared the incident to the clash at Charlottesville.

He said that the Greenwood incident was the result of “hate and domestic terrorism,” then asking audience members to “close your eyes and remember” the events at Charlottesville four year ago.

One can only guess what number of violent deaths have come at the hands of the ‘mostly peaceful’ BLM riots, a group which the “intelligence community” refuses to properly identify as a domestic terror organization.

Author: Duane Johnson