Biden Censors Himself — Can’t Face The Press Alone

President Biden abruptly ended a rare exchange with the press last Tuesday, claiming that he would get “in trouble” if he continued to take questions.

After speaking on the latest federal guidelines for mask-wearing amongst vaccinated and non-vaccinated people, Biden answered a few more questions from the crowd of reporters.

Receiving questions about his own mask-wearing habits and potential summit meetings with Russian President Vladimir Putin, he ended the session by saying “I’m really gonna be in trouble.”

While it isn’t clear what Biden meant, he is certainly known for his self-depreciation in view of his long history of gaffes.

Since becoming president, Biden has been extremely reserved. His exposure with the press has been tremendously limited, holding only one solo press conference and infrequently allowing impromptu sessions such as Tuesday’s.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has managed reporters daily with official briefings, but the press has expressed frustration for the administrations lack of transparency and access to the President.

Author: Reggie Hodges

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