Biden Caught Talking To Himself In An Empty Room… On Camera

Nancy Pelosi invited Biden to give his first and probably only joint session of Congress on the 28th of April. But there’s just one little problem with that. No one will be there. Biden will be all alone, talking to himself on camera.

South Carolina Republican, Nancy Mace, laid into Biden for addressing congress by himself, saying, “Basement-bound Biden is back and at it again.”

Jen Psaki, Biden’s press secretary, has been running cover for Biden when it comes to his time in the basement. Psaki has blamed Biden’s lack of appearance on everything from “being too busy” to “worried about the pandemic.” But she isn’t tricking anyone. Everyone and their mother knows that Biden is hiding out.

Pelosi, on the other hand, fosters great hopes that Biden will share is vision of the future, and how he plans on taking care of the today’s challenges and opportunities. Pelosi likely thinks that Biden will address the COVID vaccine, the economy or maybe even the troops in Afghanistan. But let’s face it. All anyone will be able to think about is how Biden is barely bumbling through his speech, just like his first press conference.

Author: Lindsay Koffee

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