Biden Caught In The Middle Of Another Scandal — And It’s a Doozy

If you’ve ever wondered who the most corrupt family in America is, you wouldn’t have to look further than our great President Biden. Just a couple of years ago, you might have said someone like the Clinton’s but the Biden family is proving time and time again that they are as corrupt as it gets.

A brand-new report just leaked and confirms that Job Biden is now the target of an investigation by the Federal bureau of Investigation after it was revealed that he shares an account at the bank with his all-to-familiar with scandals, Hunter Biden.

The report by the Daily Mail, which cites emails from the abandoned laptop of Hunter Biden, shows that Hunter and his dad have bank accounts that are shared and that they have paid the bills of one another for many years. Some, but not all of the accounts are b being probed by the FBI as well as the IRS because of alleged money laundering form the Ukraine and China through a firm called the Rosemont Seneca.

In addition to the scandalous investment firm, emails from Hunter’s laptop also show that his partner in Business, Eric Scwerin, who is also from Rosemont Seneca, is the person that was doing Joe Biden’s taxes. Experts in the legal system says that this means Joe Biden will need to be investigated through a special counsel.

Jonathan Turley, a professor at the Law School of George Washington University says that the accounts are being used for both Joe Biden and Hunter Biden and that there is money being given to Hunter from someone that’s associated with Rosemont Seneca. That company has been tied on numerous occasions to payments coming out of Russian and China. He says this means things are getting very serious. The big questions why the Department of Justice hasn’t even considered appointment a special counsel to investigate these criminal allegations, especially when we already know there’s the possibility of criminality involved in these tax issues and that there is possible money laundering going on.

Joe Biden says he’s never benefitted from Hunter’s dealings in business, but in the emails, it’s proven that half of Hunter’s salary was going to Joe’s bills when he was the vice president.

Author: William Bates