Biden Caught Harassing College Girls, See How…

President Joe Biden is facing a lawsuit over his executive order aimed at anti-discrimination. The suit is brought by College of the Ozarks, which is required by the executive order to suspend their religious principles in exchange for leftist gender politics.

The religious liberty legal group Alliance Defending Freedom filed suit in the Western District of Missouri on behalf of the educational institution. They claim that Biden’s anti-discrimination act would require private colleges to allow co-ed dormitories, even assigning people of opposite genders as roommates.

The College of the Ozarks currently has dormitories and other spaces such as bathrooms and showers segregated by biological sex and does not want to change that practice. The college’s official stance is that biological sex is immutable and unchanging, and they operate their dorms in accordance with that stance.

According to Biden’s executive action however, institutions found in violation of the order can face financial penalties up to millions of dollars.

Currently, the college is seeking a temporary exception from the Missouri state court, as their current fall semester plan is to continue separating students by biological sex.

College of the Ozarks is a Christian school located in Point Lookout, Missouri. Dr. Jerry Davis, the school’s president, said that he believes the Biden administration is attacking religious freedom, and further stated that the school refuses to back down. They are going to fight Biden on his progressive reform to save their school, and save America.

Author: Charlie Morgan

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