Biden Caught Funding One Of The Globe’s Worst Terrorist Organizations

Every day, Biden does something so incredulous and ridiculous that it stuns even the most left-leaning citizens in the United States. And today was no different, when it was discovered that the U.S. is now offering Afghanistan, which is controlled by the Taliban following Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from the region, $308 million for ‘humanitarian assistance’ after learning that the war-torn country is struggling just five months after Islamic terrorist took over.

Biden is, of course, claiming that this move will help heal some of the damage that was done following the American military withdrawal. Because apparently, giving the terrorists a cash boost will help heal the nation. Democrat logic for you.

The country will receive the aid through humanitarian organizations that are independent of the Taliban and will cover costs associated with healthcare, food, water, shelter, hygiene and other issues associated with preparing for the winter, according to the Associated Press.

Since the Taliban takeover, Afghanistan has experienced major economic crises, all stemming from the dismantling of the government the U.S. had worked so hard to bolster since entering the region.

Almost 80% of the budget, which the country used to provide funding to public services for their citizens, including hospitals and schools, came from international communities, who have since cut off the nation due to the change in regime.

Countries don’t want to fund the Taliban, as they don’t recognize them as a legitimate government. While this is true, this still complicates efforts to provide aid to the country and its people. But this is understandable considering other countries don’t want to fund a terrorist organization and support their atrocities, which are many.

The poverty levels in the region are staggering, however, as 22% of the population in Afghanistan, which sits at around 38 million, is considered to be living in famine conditions. Another 36% of their people are facing immediate food insecurity.

Even since the takeover of the Taliban, the U.S. has pumped over $780 million in aid to our former ally. Biden also sent approximately 3.3 million COVID vaccines to the country, all while Taliban militants returned to their brutal punishments of the past, including torture, public executions and severe oppression of the country’s women. Biden continues to fund the regime, despite the fact that terrorists are now in control.

Author: Stephen Powell