Biden Can’t Even Remember What Tornadoes Are Called

President Joe Biden is not one to miss an opportunity to show just how poorly he is performing mentally, and Tuesday was no different. The declining President struggled to perform while in the middle of a discussion about all of the extreme weather happenings that are threatening the nation as a whole. And for no reason at all, way out of left field, Biden declared in front of everyone that the name for tornadoes had changed, and they were no longer called tornadoes.

While surveying the damage, the President mentioned that everything looked like a tornado. Then, inexplicably, he said, “Wait, they actually don’t call them tornadoes anymore.” He then went on to talk about how the storms with no name destroy crops in the middle of America and in the wetlands. And then about how they it in Nevada, Iowa and really all across the board.

The failing president discussed extreme weather conditions as well as tornadoes during his recent visit to New Jersey, after a downpour of rains and flooding were at the center of the deaths of over 50 people in this northeast region. Biden had many pauses to look at his notes, before finally saying that we’re all in this thing together.

No on is sure what Biden was talk about, but maybe it was about the derecho storm that devastated Iowa back in 2020 and damaged and ruined crops on millions of acres across the state.

It was actually one of Biden’s points during his Debate back in October of 2020 with President Donald Trump. Biden pointed to the derecho storm saying that it was a very direct correlation and proof of climate change throughout the world.

In referring to the Midwest, Biden said that storms like derecho just didn’t happen before. Storms that are strong enough to wipe out mass section of the country and numerous counties are all because of global warming, according to Biden.

Biden also said that we have run out of time to stop the issue of climate change from being the catalyst for extreme natural weather events in America.

Biden claims that climate change is real, and that we are out of time to fix it.

Author: Thomas Kennedy