Biden Blasted With Another Devastating Lawsuit

Patrick Morrisey, the Attorney General of West Virginia issued threats to sue the White House on Thursday, following President Biden’s series of Executive Actions on gun control.

Morrisey states that defense of the 2nd Amendment is a top priority for his office, and should the president enact his proposals, he will follow them up in short order with court challenges. He stressed that while a few evil people abuse the privilege of gun ownership, it does not lay ground for stripping rights from the law-abiding majority of American gun owners.

President Biden issued a slew of executive actions on gun control Thursday, claiming that none of his measures “impinges on the Second Amendment,” because in his words “no amendment. . . is absolute.”

Keep an eye out for court challenges to Biden’s overreaching measures. Contact representatives and support legal action organizations which help preserve the rights of American’s to bear arms!

Author: Steven Bennett

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