Biden Blasted For Involvement In Child Abuse Scheme

Documents that were recently released from HHS The Department for health and Human Services as well as the ORR, the Office of Refugee Resettlement revealed incidents of sexual and physical abuse of migrant children that were unaccompanied and were intercepted while trying to cross the U.S.-Mexico border.

An exclusive 41 pages, obtained by Fox news, of these documents came from a group of watchdogs called Judicial Watch, and they revealed at least 33 sexual abuse instances against minors that were unaccompanied and tied to the agencies that were contracting with the United States Federal Government.

All of these instances occurred during a month long period between the end of January through February of this year, a time in which Joe Biden was dismantling former President Trump’s policies on immigration.

The President of Judicial Watch, Tom Fitton, said in a statement that the documents prove that there isn’t just sexual and physical abuse happening in the shelters for these unaccompanied children, but there’s also violence and abuse happening between the UACs as well.

The Biden administration is enabling human trafficking and violence and abuse of children with his outrageous immigrations policies. Ten of these incidents that were recorded involved not just non-staff, but staff as well that were sexually abusing children that aren’t accompanied. 21 of these other instances happened between minors and two others were between a child that was unaccompanied and ‘other.’

This raging sexual abuse is happening all across the country in the shelters that are supposed to protect these children. It highlights a dark and grueling reality that migrant children are facing as Biden’s crisis at the border continues to rage.

HHS did not give further details about any of the identities of the victims or perpetrators.

The documents also revealed an event that happened at the Family Service and Baptist children facility in Texas. A 17-year-old child, a boy from Guatemala was physically assaulted by the roommate that was assigned to him, apparently being punched in the chest while lying down. This report says that victim didn’t want to discuss any part of the attack with the officials at the shelter, and that he was removed from his former room to protect his safety.

It doesn’t seem that CPS or law enforcement was called. Biden and his administration are aware of this crisis of abuse, and still continue to do nothing about it.

Author: Marty Ingram