Biden Begs For Mercy As Putin Gains Even More Power

Another day, another pathetic attempt from Biden to decrease tensions in Eastern Europe. Biden spoke from the White House yesterday afternoon, and did all but get on his knees and beg Putin to stop his plan to invade Ukraine.

Biden said, “The West is united and galvanized. The Russian defense minister reported today that some military units are leaving their positions in Ukraine. That would be good—but we have not yet verified that. As long as there is hope of diplomatic resolution that prevents the use of force and avoids incredible human suffering that would follow, we will pursue it.” Biden then went on to talk about how sanctions for the country are still a strategy that’s on the table.

Biden also thought it would be a good idea to warn Americans that invading Russia would mean that energy prices at home would increase.

Biden also encouraged Americans that are still staying in Ukraine to get out of the country. The state department that’s located in Kyiv said last week that it will be closing until tensions in the area decrease.

Biden has sent thousands of troops from the United States into Eastern Europe. Russia is continuing to build up its forces along the border in Ukraine. But Biden reassured servicemen and women in the American military that they won’t be fighting inside the country, which is still not a part of NATO. He did, however, promise to protect any NATO territory if Russia oversteps these boundaries.

“I will not send America servicemen to fight in Ukraine. The United States will defend every inch of NATO territory.” Biden said.

Biden then finished his remarks and didn’t take any questions from reporters.

Author: Brandon Bates