Biden Begs For Americans’ Trust After Committing Unforgivable Betrayal

Do you remember last year when Biden promised he would take care of all Americans in Afghanistan, and then he completely backtracked on that promise as soon as things became a little difficult? Well, now Biden is trying to say that he’ll “take care” of Americans in Ukraine if Russia decides they want to invade. Um… yeah, that’s not sitting well with anyone right now. How can he expect Americans to trust him after he betrayed us all during the total failure of a withdrawal from Afghanistan?

Biden wanted to get out of Afghanistan, and he was willing to sacrifice the lives of thousands of good citizens to meet that goal. Why? Because he was terrified of “offending” the Taliban, especially because they acted with such “diplomacy” while we tried to get our people out. And because Biden trusts them for some reason? Since they’ve DEFINITELY never committed unforgivable atrocities in the past.

Democrats are always SO confused about why one with half a brain cell wants to trust them with our national security. Biden promised that U.S. trips would stay in Afghanistan until all Americans were out. Then they lied and said that there were only a few hundred Americans left, but it turns out that figure is actually much closer to 9,000.

And now, Biden wants to make promises regarding Ukraine. If you’re an American that’s concerned about getting stuck in Ukraine, we have one piece of advice for you: Do not trust that Biden will save you. The man doesn’t even know he’s the President of the United States. Blinken is nearly as absent-minded as well. Remember how his whole team went on vacation when Kabul was falling?

A senior Defense official said on Wednesday that if Russia invades, and Americans need to get out of Ukraine, they could exit through Poland with the support of U.S. troops. Biden warned earlier that all Americans who aren’t employees for the government need to leave Ukraine, saying he didn’t want them to get caught in some sort of crossfire. Though Biden himself admits he has no idea what Putin’s next move is.

The bottom line is this: Biden can’t be trusted. He’s already proved this with his failed withdrawal from Afghanistan. If things go bad in Ukraine, and Americans need to get out of Dodge, they probably shouldn’t expect Biden to come to their rescue.

Author: Nathan Wright