Biden At The Breaking Point — Forced To Abandon Another Key Agenda Item

Democrat President Joe Biden’s administration was forced to pull the plug on yet another of their radical agenda items this week after facing tremendous backlash from across the country. This time, it’s the President’s plan to reimburse illegal immigrants who became separated (even if only allegedly) from their families during the years of the Trump administration.

The Wall Street Journal reported the news that Biden’s Justice Department “pulled out of negotiations entirely.” The report adds that the decision was reached as a consequence of settlement talks that didn’t go well for the Democrats, as the American people and Republican lawmakers made it clear that the decision was an unpopular one and that at a very minimum the payments would need to be lowered dramatically.

In late October, the Biden administration was considering the possibility of payments as high as $450,000 for each instance of an alien who became separated from their family, and would have placed an estimated $1 million in taxpayer dollars to each person whose first act on American soil was to defy its laws.

While it was reported that many of the families might receive smaller payouts based on the particulars of their circumstance, the total payout was estimated to exceed $1 billion. Biden’s move to drop the plan comes amidst thousands of lawsuits that the families in question have filed against the federal government.

Dena Iverson, a Justice Department spokeswoman, explained that the Biden administration still remains “committed to… bringing justice to the victims.”

Lee Gelern, the ACLU’s deputy director for their Immigrants’ Rights Project said that the situation was regrettable, adding that the organization is recognizes how politics often play a role in the DOJs decision making, but called the treatment of the immigrants “shameful.”

Gelern added that he believes Biden will be looked on disfavorably in history for failing to “stand up for… small children.”

Author: Marian Richardson