Biden Asks Taxpayers To Pay For Ukraine War, Vaccines For Africa — Sound Familiar?

Are you finally paying attention now?

Joe Biden is staying true to his liberal roots by asking taxpayers to foot the bill for an ongoing military crisis in Ukraine plus whatever it costs to give third world countries more vaccines. His request comes as most Americans struggle financially due to skyrocketing costs of most consumer goods, groceries, and gasoline.

Biden’s request isn’t shocking whatsoever given his previous job as Vice President in what most consider the most expensive administration this country has ever seen. The Obama-Biden administration was known for raising taxes to fund their lavish government programs (Obamacare) while middle and working class American families wondered how they would feed their families.

The brazenness of Biden’s billion-dollar request is what one expects when Democrats hold any position of power and, since liberals have no capacity for real empathy, they’ll stop at nothing until the check is signed.

The White House is asking Congress for $10 billion to support Ukraine and $22.5 billion to combat COVID-19.

The request was made just one week ahead of the March 11 deadline for Congress to pass a comprehensive government funding bill, and acting Office of Management and Budget Director Shalanda Young noted that with the “rapidly evolving situation in Ukraine, additional needs may arise over time.”

What gives leftist governments the right to use taxpayer dollars for foreign military conflict? Wasn’t the Democrat Party historically anti-war?

“These resources will mean additional defense equipment for Ukraine, lifesaving humanitarian assistance — such as emergency food assistance — for the Ukrainian people, stronger sanctions enforcement, a dedicated task force led by the Department of Justice to go after the ill-gotten gains and other illicit activities of the Russian oligarchs, and additional support for U.S troop deployments to neighboring countries,” Young wrote in a statement.

If you wanted to help Ukraine, why sanction the sh** out of Putin and his oil and natural gas reserves while simultaneously ramping up oil production in the United States?

That’s simply not how Democrats operate — logically, that is.

She added that the funding would supplement “regional efforts to counter Russian cyberattacks and disinformation, and strengthen the stability of Ukraine’s electrical grid by integrating it with the European Network of Transmission System of Operators.”

Ah! The billions needed to fight “misinformation”! This is measure every taxpayer can get behind!

On COVID-19, Young said the president’s request will allow the administration to expand testing and vaccine capacity and advance Biden’s pledge of “getting more shots in arms around the world.”

Why should I, an American taxpayer who may or may not be financially stable, be responsible for whether or not third world countries receive coronavirus vaccines, especially as cases plummet across the globe?

This is nothing new but endlessly frustrating nonetheless. Sad part is, Republicans will probably acquiesce to Biden’s request and vote to allocate the funds.


Author: Jerry Newman