Biden Announces His 2024 Plans — And Democrats Are Furious

It’s been a long time coming, but Democrats are finally revealing whether or not Biden plans to make a bid in the 2024 election, and the verdict is yes. Despite all of his mental and physical health challenges, Biden is planning on running. Jen Psaki confirmed the rumors this week as concerns over his very advanced age and concerns about whether or not the Vice President, Kamala Harris, will be his successor or not.

Jen Psaki said that this is the intention of President Biden, and that he will run no matter who his 2024 opponent will be.

His decision isn’t without controversy though, as Democrats, political pundits and Republicans alike have been wondering whether he would make the bid, especially since he celebrated his 79th birthday just this last weekend. Biden is officially the oldest United States President in history.

Voters are increasingly becoming more worried about his mental and physical health, despite his personal doctor claiming that he is apparently fit for office. But his doctor did have some concerns about the ailing president, especially because he is constantly coughing and the severity is always increasing. He even clears his throat and coughs during speeches and other engagements.

The uncertainty surrounding his health has also increased the amount of scrutiny surrounding Biden’s VP, Kamala Harris, especially with the likelihood of her having to take over for the President if his health fails.

Psaki was also asked a pointed question about whether or not she played a large role in the in renominating Jerome Power, The Chairman of the Federal Reserve. Harris voted no against the appointment of Powell in 2018.

Psaki says that Kamala is a trusted partner of Biden and that she is the first in the room with Biden and also the last, and says that she consults with Biden on almost every single decision. She says she was without a doubt, part of the decision to have the chairman appointed.

Biden has been trying to ease voters’ minds in recent weeks to improve his numbers in the polls, but it’s not going well. One thing’s for sure, if he runs again, he’s going to get slaughtered.

Author: Anne Richardson