Biden Admits He Is Proudly And Deliberately Breaking The Law

Even though the Supreme Court of the United States warned Biden that extending the federal-level eviction moratorium was constitutionally incorrect and would be removed, the CDC and Biden decided to create a brand-new moratorium anyway, to last for at least two months. Biden even admitted that he knew it was illegal to extend the moratorium, and that he knows he will run into legal trouble, but said he just really doesn’t care.

Biden said in a press conference on Tuesday that he understands that constitutionally, his policy doesn’t hold water and isn’t likely to pass. He says he wants to make it clear that he will not tell the DOJ or scientists or medical experts what to do or say, and he doesn’t want to move ahead of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. He said that his main goal, is to keep people in their homes until they can get the $45 billion shipped out to people who are behind on rent and don’t have the money to pay. So basically, he’s stalling until he can fund his liberal agenda.

Additionally, Biden knows that he and the CDC are acting illegally, but he is telling the CDC to continue to break the law until our nation’s federal courts finally get around to stopping them from breaking it. Biden understands that litigation takes an incredible amount of time. This means that the eviction moratorium could stay in effect for a few weeks, or maybe even for months before the federal courts strike it down. What’s more, is that even though the moratorium is illegal, there is no feasible way to get renters to pay the money they owed landlords when the eviction moratorium was active, even though it’s illegal.

This is a blatant violation of the constitution and the laws of our great country, but no one outside of Republican circles cares.

If SCOTUS had told Trump that he couldn’t use military funds to build the wall at the southern border without congress’ approval, and he did it anyway? Democrats would have lost their minds, and rightfully so. The president cannot just do as he pleases. We have our judicial systems in place for a reason, and Biden is blatantly overreaching and overstepping his bounds to see what he can get away with.

Author: Nelson Ricks