Automobile Giant Sends American Jobs Abroad — Guess Where?

The Vice President of the United Auto Workers union (UAW), Gerald Kariem, is taking the Ford Motor Company to task for reneging on earlier commitments to invest in their Ohio factory.

Kariem alerted the union, as well as the media, that Ford is reneging on promises made in 2019 to invest $900 million on their Ohio factory. The expansion to the plant would have been devoted to production of a new vehicle model for 2023. Instead of following through on this commitment, Ford is instead setting stake for the project in Mexico.

Kariem said that the contractual agreement with the UAW “outlined an exciting vision” and would have “secure[d] OHAP employment well into the foreseeable future.” He then slammed Ford for “put[ting] corporate greed… over American jobs,” and warned that if the company breaks its commitment, the UAW “will take action.”

Ohio plant manager, Jason Moore, said that Ford’s situation has changed since the contract was signed. He explains that Ford has already hired an additional 100 employees for pickup truck production.

Kelli Felker, one of Ford’s communications managers responded to inquiry on the matter by stating that the company still plans “to invest $6 billion” in America. He added that he company plans to create and retain 8500 American laborers. He expanded that the Ohio Assembly Plant in particular has had 100 jobs added since 2019 as well as $185 million invested in it.

The 2023 models which were originally slated for production at the Ohio plant are expected to be all-electric SUV’s.

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