Athletes Defend Actual Feminism From Radical Left

Legendary football star Brett Favre criticized the Olympics for permitting biologically male transgendered athletes to participate and compete in women’s sports.

Favre attacked the Olympic decision makers while discussing the recent controversy of Laurel Hubbard, the New Zealand transgendered heavyweight lifter who is the first transgendered person to compete against biological females at the upcoming Olympic Games.

Favre put the issue succinctly stating that Hubbard is “a man competing as a woman,” on his own podcast. Favre added “That’s unfair.”

He continued by saying that if he were a woman who lost to Hubbard in the competition “I would be beside myself.” Favre added that while people who undergo transgender transitions because they “[want] to be a woman. . . [feel] compelled. . . I got no problem with it,” but says that someone who does so absolutely “cannot compete against females.”

Favre moved on from the discussion of Hubbard to criticize Chelsea Wolfe, a transgendered BMX Freestyle rider, who made news recently for remarking that she hopes for an opportunity to burn the American flag at the Olympics podium. Wolfe is currently qualified as an alternate for the upcoming games.

Favre says that Wolfe shouldn’t be permitted to compete with an outlook like she has, “go participate for somebody else,” he recommended, adding that he couldn’t believe that someone who is so openly hostile to their host nation could go compete for that country.

Favre isn’t the only professional athlete to call for protection women’s and girls sports. Olympic Medalist Sharron Davies also slammed the Olympics for demarcating sports by “gender identity” instead of biological sex.

Davies posted to Twitter saying that the separation between women’s and men’s competition is for “a BIG reason, biology. . . matters.” Davies continued by stating that separate categories are the only way that women can have an equal chance at “sporting success.”

In 2019, Davies had announced her intention to protect women’s sports by tweeting a message similar to Favre’s, stating that she has no personal qualm with transgendered people in principle, but that men converting to women bring “a male sex advantage” that should disallow them from “compet[ing] in women’s sport.”

Author: Carol Wise