#ArrestFauci Is The New Trend That Everyone Should Get In On

There’s a lot of democrats out there that almost everyone dislikes, but no one quite hits that buzzer quite like Dr. Covid, AKA, Dr. Fauci. From lying about the efficacy of masks, and getting caught in emails, to lying about the origins of the coronavirus and divvying out unconstitutional mandates, it’s safe to say that Fauci is not just corrupt, but straight up evil. But there is hope on the horizon because the people of American are finally growing tired of the tyrant. #ArrestFauci is trending on social media platforms and has been since Sunday afternoon.

This new wave of criticism is right on the heels of multiple reports of scandals that involve Fauci. Users posted the hashtag while calling out the corrupt doctor for reports of him using taxpayers dollars to fund projects where dogs were tortured and then executed for no good reason.

He’ is also being criticized because an official of the NIH confirmed that taxpayers also unknowingly and unwillingly funded research for gain of function. And guess where that research took place? The lab in Wuhan, China. Even though Fauci promised everyone that this was not true and did not happen. Unfortunately for him, he left a little paper trail.

Back in July, Rand Paul, a Republican Senator, call for Biden’s DOJ to issue a referral of criminality against Fauci because he blatantly lied to Congress about this research that was done at the Wuhan lab and that was funded strictly by the NIH.

Fauci said he would send a letter to the DOJ and ask for the referral of criminality because Fauci straight up lied to Congress. He says that there were dozens of scientists lined up to testify that the research was in fact, gain of function. Rand Paul blasted Fauci further, saying that he did all this because he has his own self-interest in mind and was trying to cover his connection to the lab in Wuhan and cover his tracks in general.

The NIH, of course, says that Fauci is being totally truthful, and have no more comments about the matter. Yeah, right.

Author: Penny Grinswell