Armed Rioters Demand An End To ‘All White People’

The New Black Panthers accompanied by 14 additional firearm organizations marched the streets of Tulsa on Saturday in remembrance of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre, the march was labelled as a “Second Amendment March for Reparations.”

Hundreds of heavily armed pro-Second Amendment demonstrators marched throughout Tulsa while chanting “black power,” “who’s streets, our streets,” and “black lives matter,” as they headed toward Tulsa’s Greenwood section, a predominantly black neighborhood which was titled “Black Wall Street” back in 1921.

Event organizers issued a news release stating that the “struggle” to implement reparations “must be escalated.” The organizers demanded reparations for Tulsa Massacre descendants as well as “all 40-million Blacks” who they say are still “grossly affected” in the United States by inequality, racism, police brutality, and wealth disparity.

Former Trump administration member Kyle Hooten pointed out on Twitter that normally when gun rights organizations march, “they don’t chant ‘our streets.'” He called the rally a “show of force” that’s not “comparable” to a normal second amendment rally, instead pointing out that the group is “a racial supremacist organization.”

Hooten also shared video from the event of a man who demanded violence against all white people as a response to “6,000 years of killing us.”

No evidence supports this particular claim, FBI statistics reveal that in America, white people outnumber black people by a 5-1 ratio, but the murder rate is 2-1 with black people killing twice as often as whites.

The “Tulsa Race Massacre” event started on May 31, 1921, when 19-year-old Dick Rowland, a black man, was arrested on suspicion of the rape of 17-year-old Sarah Page, a white elevator operator. A white mob arrived at the courthouse with demands that Rowland be given to the crowd and lynched. Black protestors arrived to defend Rowland, both parties being armed, a riot broke out when a white man got shot by a black protestor. The following day, white mob members burned down 35 blocks of the “Greenwood” neighborhood inhabited largely by blacks.

The event killed 36 people, 26 who were black and 10 white. Rowland was released without charge, leaving Tulsa and never returning.

Author: Grace Jackson