AOC Tries To Take On Capitalism By Using, Well, Capitalism

Squad Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) made a big news splash at the Met Gala last weekend by wearing a dress championing “Tax The Rich,” inside of a venue that cost $30,000 to attend. But her stunt may have been as much of a branding as a political stance ahead of the 2022 midterm elections.

Shortly after getting the attention of just about everyone, AOC’s political campaign issued a fundraising email seeking to profit off of her stunt by selling loads of “Tax The Rich” merchandise.

Her tacky merchandise is pitched as “a movement you can wear” for the price of $27 for t-shirts, tote bags, or mugs, and $58 for a sweatshirt. These items are sold for the purpose of stuffing AOC’s political campaign, which she has tried to defend in the past as not being Capitalism -which she despises, calling it “irredeemable”– because Capitalism exists for the sole task of “the concentration of capital and to seek and maximize profit.”

AOC claims that her own Capitalist activities are above board because, well, she’s her. For everyone else, capitalism is evil, and those who profit with it are as well.

While the congresswoman’s “Tax The Rich” merch collection isn’t any thing new, in fact the overpriced items were available in 2020, her campaign staff saw an obvious branding opportunity at the Met Gala and took it.

Unlike many other of the attendees of the Met Gala, AOC was perhaps the most capitalist, being the only one acting as a walking billboard for her own capitalist merch company.

In other can-you-believe-Democrats-are-this-hypocritical-news, the New York Congresswoman also sells a “dad hat” for $28 despite the radical progressive’s stance against binary parenting roles. In 2019, AOC declared at a hearing that it wasn’t only women who could bear children, insisting that maternity leave must include language that covers “people who can give birth.”

AOC may also be in hot water for her little stunt. Election laws surrounding donations and taxes may come in to play if the pricey Met Gala ticket was a gift. Otherwise, if she purchased it herself, then it’s concrete evidence that she isn’t a member of the working class which she tries to pitch herself as part of.

Author: Jake Young