AOC Thinks Everyone Should Just Forget About The Cost Of The Spending Bill

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a Democrat Representative from New York, recently said on Sunday, while attending an interview with CBS news that the only problem with the $3.5 Trillion Democrat social services spending bill is that everyone in the nation won’t stop talking about how expensive it really is.

Margaret Brennan, the CBS host, said that the head of the progressive caucus told everyone that $1.5 trillion is just way too small, even though Republicans and moderate dems alike are desperately trying to get down to that number. Joe Manchin in particular, is committed to getting down to a more appropriate number liked that. Brennan then said that Ed O’Keefe, a correspondent for CBS News, had recently reported that the Democrats are going to be forced to settle for somewhere around $2 trillion, at least according to President Joe Biden and the inside knowledge they’d received. She then asked AOC if she though that $2 trillion was an acceptable number to settle for.

AOC responded by saying she thinks the problem is that people are just focusing on the numbers as a whole. She says that people shouldn’t be focusing on the numbers at the top of the link, and it should be more about the programs that would be included if the bill passed and excluded should it not past. AOC says the conversation should not be about numbers at all.

Brennan responded to AOC’s ridiculous statement by notifying her that the lower numbers were coming directly from the White House.

AOC then said that while that is true, the White House, aka Biden, isn’t trying to make demands that exclude universal pre-K or universal childcare. She later said that the bill on the budge that the progressives in the house are fighting for, better known as the agenda to Build Back Better, comes with universal pre-K, community college for free, Medicare expansion and that they are also fighting to expand Medicaid as a whole. She says also that the bill is also a clear statement that progressives in the house are ready to stand up for climate change and emission reductions, and that these are things worth standing up to change.

Author: Ingrid Tate