AOC Stoops To New Low — Mocks DeSantis For Taking Care Of His Ill Wife

It probably doesn’t come as a surprise that Democrats aren’t practicing what they preach when it comes to COVID policies and their supposed mandates. One person who won’t stand for the hypocrisy though, is Governor DeSantis. He slammed said politicians on Monday for coming to Florida on vacation and to visit while screaming at the public that they need to lockdown in fear of the dreadful COVID-10. DeSantis said it came as no surprise to him at Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a Democrat Rep from New York and ‘Squad’ member, was seen partying at Miami Beach just last week.

DeSantis says if he received a dollar for every single politician who was preaching lockdowns yet escaped to Florida over the last couple of years, he would be a pretty wealthy person. He said everyone from mayors, congresspeople, governors, all of them.

He said it’s interesting to see how these people are received in Florida during their visits. He says lots of Floridians are offending and can’t believe that the very politicians who are telling them they need to adhere to their draconian policies are the people who are fleeing to Florida to be able to get back to enjoying life. DeSantis says that will continue to happen as lockdown politicians make their way down to Florida during the upcoming months.

DeSantis’ comments about AOC come after she was seen dining at a restaurant in Miami beach last Thursday, which is the same day in which NYC, her native city, reported a record high number of new COVID cases.

Photos from her trip show her outside a sushi restaurant, maskless, drinking cocktails. AOC tried to shift the blame about her trip, saying that it was DeSantis who had been missing inexplicably. She said that no one has seen him for around two weeks, and that she would be happy to help with ‘local organizing.’

DeSantis’ spokeswoman responded to AOC to remind her that his wife was battling breast cancer, and that he wasn’t dodging his responsibilities, but was instead taking care of his ill wife. Oops, forgot about that one, didn’t you AOC? Who looks like the jerk now?

Author: Jack Green