AOC Seeks Funds For Ridiculous Project — Guess Who’s Footing The Bill?

The Western Journal reports that representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) holds the United States entirely responsible for the problems of other countries, insisting that the migrants arriving at the southern border are due reparations.

Ocasio-Cortez calls the migrant detention facilities “barbaric”, “horrifying,” “unacceptable,” and “inhumane.”

But AOC did not lay any blame at the feet of the Biden administration for packing unvaccinated, unvetted, and unmasked illegal aliens in crammed facilities.

According to her, the situation is different now than when “the Trump administration. . . took babies” out of their mothers arms and “deported their families. . . permanently traumatiz[ing] these children.”

AOC said that the border crisis is “not an invasion” because U.S. foreign policy is responsible for “the destabilization of these regions.”

Author: Dean Chapman

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