AOC Brings On The Crocodile Tears To Try And Get What She Wants

With an overwhelming majority, the House passed a vote which will help fund Israel’s Iron Dome today, the defensive system which protects the nation from Palestinian rocket barrages. The vote passed as a stand-alone measure rather than part of the main budget bill thanks to the efforts of some far-left radical anti-Semites, also known as the ‘squad.’

These anti-Semitic public officials who would rather see Israel obliterated off the face of the earth threw tantrums and other scenes of lunacy.

It doesn’t take an expert to unwind Tlaib’s true aims here. A defensive system which is only capable to shooting down incoming rockets for civilian zones is not something that most would consider as “enabl[ing]… war crimes, human rights abuses.. violence.” What she really wants is to prevent anything which would stand in the way of the Palestinians ability to murder Jews en masse and remove them from the country.

These anti-Semitic Congresswomen continually signal that they believe the terrorist group Hamas to have parity with the Israeli military because this would somehow result in a mutual peace. Nothing could be further from the truth, the radical jihadist terrorist group wants to kill every Jew on the planet, full stop. Tlaib’s chalkboard scratching please about human rights are an outright lie. She hasn’t spoken one word of criticism against Hamas for targeting civilian centers with rockets and fire bombs, how about those for human rights abuse?

But Tlaib didn’t even take the cake for the day. The trophy for biggest-baby-in-Congress goes to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who literally burst into tears after the measure passed vote.

AOC appears to be deeply hurt by the fact that Israel will have at least a temporary means of defense against rocket attacks. How terrible indeed that Israeli children will be able to attend school without fear of being blown up.

Why is she weeping? More importantly, WHERE is she weeping? AOC walks over to where she knows the camera is pointed before executing her pitiful stunt.

Everything about the ‘squad’ is fake. Unfortunately, their anti-Semitism is all too real, but the way in which they react and try to use emotions and performance art to push their political agenda deserves endless mockery.

Author: Max Gardner