Another Top Biden Official Is Facing Impeachment – Guess Who?

Another day, another member of Biden’s administration was under intense scrutiny for their outrageous policies and actions. The Heritage Foundation has a new President, and he and the homeland security team are demanding that Alejandro Mayorkas, the DHS Secretary, be impeached by the Republican party if he refuses to step down on his own. This is all due to him failing to handle the ongoing border crisis.

This is just the latest of GOP heavyweights that are calling for Mayorkas’ impeachment. Chip Roy, a Republican Rep. from Texas has already volunteered to lead the pack in an effort to impeach Mayorkas if the GOP takes back their Congressional power in the upcoming midterm elections. This is right on the heels of Mayorkas having a disastrous meeting with Border agents that are currently stationed at the U.S.-Mexico border. A leaked video showed agents venting their frustrations at Biden and his administration’s policies for an open border – and tensions could not have been much higher than they were during that meeting.

Agents say that they aren’t just frustrated with the massive number of illegals that are crossing the border, but they’re upset because they aren’t able to arrest dangerous criminals and seize harmful drugs because they’re usually bogged down with the task of processing families and kids that gave themselves up willingly.

Kevin Roberts, the Heritage Foundation President, said the following about Mayorkas, “He has presided over the worst border crisis in American history, actively contributing to it by implementing the White House’s open-borders policies. Under his leadership, record numbers of narcotics have flowed across our border to devastate lives in our communities. It is time for him to go—for the good of the men and women of DHS law enforcement, the American people, and our national sovereignty. If he refuses to do so, the next Congress should move forward with his impeachment.”

The former acting commissioner of U.S. Border and Customs Protection, Mark Morgan, say Mayorkas has lost the trust of the DHS forces, destroyed a border that was the most secure it’s been in years and continues to lie to America about the impact the flood of immigrants has on America’s health, safety and security.

Author: William Quincy