Another Democrat Backpedals — Prepares To ‘Fund’ The Police

Washington D.C.’s Democratic Mayor Muriel Bowser issued a letter on Monday which directs the Metropolitan Police Department to use overtime in order meet the needs of enforcement to address the growing violence in the nation’s capital.

Bowser explained that the city is suffering in the face of a “sustained increase in… violence.” She offered examples from the past weekend such as the a shooting just outside of Nationals Park and the brutal murder of 6-year-old Nyiah Courtney.

The letter to Phil Mendelson, the D.C. Council Chairman and Charles Allen, a Councilmember, declared that the Metropolitan Police Department is authorized to use “any overtime necessary.”

The Democrat mayor blames guns for the crime spike, but nevertheless declared a need for “a strong, sustained police presence” as has been requested by residents. Bowser added that D.C. residents “do not feel safe” at this time, and called on officers to “bring justice to those responsible.”

D.C. has indeed seen a surge in violent crime in the past year, alongside many Democrat led cities. Metropolitan Police Department data shows that homicides in 2020 rose 19% over the previous year and that trend continues throughout 2021.

The D.C. Council’s Committee for Judiciary and Public Safety chopped $9.5 million from the police budget for 2021, following an earlier cut of $15 million in 2020 after the Black Lives Matter protests that ravaged police forces throughout the nation.

Cities throughout America have been completely unable to cope with rising violent crime rates since the summer of 2020. Many cities are experiencing record-high rates of criminal activity as they simultaneously slashed police budgets. Police departments in Democrat cities reliably report a lack of resources as well as severely diminished morale and frequent early retirements, leaving police forces emaciated.

The D.C. Police Union blamed elected officials on Sunday for the city’s sharp rise in crime. Gregg Pemberton, the Union chairman, said on Monday that local officials have been enacting police reforms without bothering to consult law enforcement. These reforms, Pemberton says, have stripped law enforcement officers of “all of the tools… that police officers use” in preventing violent crime within D.C.

Author: Ralph Freeman