Americans Hate Biden So Much They’ve Opened An Entire Store To Prove It

In case Biden hasn’t noticed, here’s a news flash: Everyone in America hates you. And a brand-new store that just opened in Massachusetts is all the proof that anyone needs. The store was opened by an entrepreneur and is named, “Let’s Go Brandon.” It’s located in North Attleborough and sells multiple forms of anti-Biden merchandise like shirts, hats, signs and stickers.

Let’s Go Brandon revved up in October after a liberal media News Reporter was interviewing Brandon Brown, a NASCAR Driver, at the Superspeedway in Alabama when he won his 1st NASCAR Xfinity win. The reporter either mistakenly, or perhaps intentionally, stated in a live video that the Talladega crowd was screaming a Let’s go, Brandon chant, when they were actually chanting the popular, F*** Joe Biden phrase.

The meme started to grow more in the subsequent days and weeks. In the middle of October, an announcer asked a young boy to help kick things off at the Oswego Speedway, where he replaced the typical ‘start your engines’ with ‘Let’s go, Brandon!’

Then, about a week and a half after that, the GOP Texas Attorney General, Mr. Ken Paxton, announced that Texas and the state of Missouri were planning to file a suit against Biden and his administration. He told a cheering crowd he wanted to say to Biden, “Well see you in the court, and let’s go, Brandon!”

One of Paxton’s main issues with the Biden administration was the halting of the border wall in Texas, which Biden did immediately upon entering office. Paxton says that taxpayers are being forced to take the brunt of the problems that come with illegal immigrants, like health care, police officers and other programs. The federal government isn’t helping, either. States are left to defend themselves from the massive influx of immigrants that have poured into the country since Biden took office. And everyone around the nation is suffering.

It’s no wonder that an entire store of merchandise has opened in response to the country’s blatant hatred of Biden. It makes you wonder if more and more will be popping up all over the country.

Author: Julie Swanson