Americans Give Hollywood The Ultimate Rebuke

This year left Hollywood dancing in an empty room. The annual Oscars ceremony saw the lowest view count in decades with a nearly 60% drop in viewership over the previous year. A total loss of 13.75 million viewers from what was already a record low year then.

The show was a monotonous turn taking of celebrities offering their comments on the recent Derek Chauvin trial and grandstanding about police brutality in general. Their comments earned them record low ratings, as viewers gave the show a rating of 1.9 against the previous year’s 5.3.

The American people have lost patience with ‘woke’ celebrities instructing them about how very, very bad they are. Nobody is interested in tuning in to receive a lecture from pampered activists.

The ceremony also offered its most prestigious awards to films that almost nobody saw. The highest-grossing picture that received a nomination was “Promising Young Woman” which only grossed $6.3 million.

Hollywood has lost all relevancy with the public. Let them cheer themselves on with their vain ceremonies and moral self-praise, nobody will be watching.

Author: Anne Siemer

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