Americans Aren’t Buying Into Biden’s Lies — And Now He Knows It

During President Joe Biden’s Congressional address on Wednesday, he called for “reasonable” restrictions on the Second Amendment.

Biden assumed the mantle of a Constitutional expert, claiming that “no amendment to the Constitution is absolute.” He then revealed his target, the Second Amendment. Biden said that “We’re not changing the Constitution,” rather the Democratic party is simply “being reasonable.”

Biden falsely stated that “from the beginning” of America’s founding, “certain kinds of weapons” were prohibited from ownership. “Certain people couldn’t own those weapons, ever.”

Biden did not substantiate these false remarks. There were no prohibited class of weapons that citizens could own on Dec. 15, 1791, when the Second Amendment was ratified. His remarks also fail the scrutiny of the historical fact that the American rebels, common men, were equally or better equipped than the professional British military.

In truth, the gap between the small arms technology of the 18th century compared to today was much smaller than it is today.

Biden called for universal background checks, restrictions of gun part kits and abolishment of “high capacity” magazines. He also called for an outright ban on “assault weapons” similar to the one he helped enact in 1994. A bill which he claims reduced gun violence. Again however, this is completely false, as a study from the National Institute of Justice reported after the 10 year ban that the effect of the ban was “small at best. . . perhaps too small for reliable measurement.”

Author: Dave Wilson

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