American Allies Are Being Hunted — Guess What Biden’s Doing?

Reports are coming out of Afghanistan revealing that Taliban militants are conducting door-to-door searches throughout conquered territories in search of any and all people who belong to or cooperated with the U.S. or other western countries.

The Taliban are also in search of journalists. The terrorist group promised publicly that they were seeking a peaceful transfer of power and guaranteed the safety of the population, but reports are already coming out of Kabul that showcase how the Taliban has already started executing their enemies and began conducting forced marriages on behalf of their combatants.

The United States is doing what it can to evacuate American citizens in the country and try to aid Afghan visa holders as well. The Department of Defense is currently making preparations to house 30,000 Afghan refugees at U.S. military bases. It’s been reported that several U.S. citizens are already caught in the teeth of the Taliban regime and locked behind the group’s security checkpoints.

Senator Tom Cotton’s office sent information to the New York Times that described how U.S. citizens were trapped behind the checkpoints even as the U.S. State Department attempts negotiations with the Taliban to allow foreign nationals to exit the country. Cotton’s office is doing all it can to help those trapped in Kabul, and the Senator announced that they should be contacted immediately if U.S. citizens were in need of aid. Cotton’s office quickly received several such calls.

Prior to the Taliban’s overthrow of the capital on Sunday, refugees were reporting in nearby regions how brutal the tactics of the terrorist organization were as they crack down on Afghans who have opposed them for so long.

Afghans are reporting executions of captured soldiers and unprovoked attacks against civilians. Additionally, Taliban commanders are instructing entire villages to turn over their unmarried women as prize wives for their fighters.

The United States Embassy in Kabul confirmed reports that Afghan soldiers who surrender to the Taliban are executed, not kept.

Author: Bessie Patterson