America Just Made A Decisive Move In The Israeli War. . .

The United States just approved an enormous $735 million weapons sale to Israel on Monday in the midst of the nation’s battle against Palestinian terrorist attacks starting last week.

The sale is for the acquisition of precision missiles and specialized munitions from the U.S. to be used in the war between Israel and terrorist militants.

The Biden administration seeks to cease the fighting between Israel and Palestinian terrorists. Though Israel increased their efforts against Hamas and PIJ agents, dealing them serious blows in retaliation for over 3,100 rockets fired against Israel’s cities.

Mike Pompeo, Former Secretary of State and CIA Director, took to Twitter to criticize President Biden’s attitude toward Israel, saying that America must support it’s ally “without hesitation.”

The weapons sale will bolster IDF actions such as their weekend accomplishment of destroying a massive underground terrorist tunnel network, which terrorists were using to attack civilians at close range.

The IDF has made heavy use of precision bombing to strike strategic targets. The tunnel network was obliterated in 20 minutes by 54 fighter jets dropping 100 bombs. Other targets of precision bombing include Hamas run banks, weapons depots, intelligence buildings, and the residencies of top Hamas and PIJ commanders.

Author: Erik Hardy

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