America Crushed By ‘Mobile Burglars’ While Democrats Stay Soft On Crime

Crime is escaping big Liberal cities and spilling into suburbs. Such is the case in the Minneapolis region, where nearby neighborhoods find themselves “under attack from mobile criminals” according to a local mayor.

Jim Hovland, Mayor of Edina, sent an email out to town residents last weekend warning them of the threat that big city criminals pose to the community. He explained that “mobile criminals” have been attacking Edina and other nearby communities in robberies that often involve injury of the victim, or injury for those who attempt to help the victim of the attack.

Local station Fox 9 reports that “Edina residents have become… fearful” as the tranquility of the area has been disrupted. During the holiday season when people should be celebrating peace in places of worship, they are concerned that they too will become a victim of criminal activity.

Hovland said that he will participate in a larger meeting with neighboring mayors, police chiefs, and city managers on how to effectively combat the increase in these crime-on-wheels.

Hovland added that the Police Department more or less has a blank check to do whatever they deem necessary to secure the township. He explained that the Edina PD has been working non-stop on responding to criminal activity in the town, and is also cooperating with neighboring cities regarding security strategies and information sharing to catch the criminals.

Since Black Lives Matter summer riots of 2020, Democrat controlled regions defunded their police and let criminal activity slide for all but the most horrendous of crimes. For Minneapolis, since that inflection point, carjackings have skyrocketed to over 500 instances so far this year, a 20% increase over 2020 which was already record-breaking. Now that criminal activity has spilled into the suburbs, where carjackings have started taking place in neighboring regions such as Edina.

Edina is currently offering a $5000 reward for information regarding four teenage boys who attempted to steal an occupied vehicle. The attempt was thwarted by good Samaritans who stopped the attack. Three people were inured during the incident, and all the suspects fled the area.

Near Thanksgiving day, three vehicles were stolen from homes in midday, sparking increased police patrols throughout the town in the affected region.

The problem isn’t local to Edina, with rampant smash-and-grab and crime-on-the-go activity happening nationwide thanks to the weak enforcement of our laws. Under Democrat control, there is no law, and there is no order.

Author: Stuart Hogan