Already-Strained U.S. Medical System Crushed Under Biden’s Tyrannical Mandate

Hospitals all across the United States are facing the reality of shortages thanks to Biden’s vaccine mandates. While some experts of public health are saying we won’t see the consequences of the vaccine mandates for some months, hospitals everywhere are facing the reality of being short-staffed, as workers refuse to take the new vaccine or respect the mandate.

In New York, nursing home and hospital employees must take the vaccine in the upcoming weeks or they will be at risk of losing their employment. CEO and President of Thompson Health, Mr. Michael Stapleton, says the mandated vaccines will cause even more increase in the amount of job openings because there are so many employees who still refuse the COVID vaccine.

He says the hospitals will lose good people over the new mandate, and that it breaks his heart. He said some of the people they will inevitably lose have been caring for their community for years. That they’re dedicated to their career in the health industry and to caring for people, but now they will not be able to, potentially, and that is absolutely horrible.

Down in Texas, oh how we love Texas, the Brownfield Regional center is saying they will just have to close down if too many workers are lost to forced vaccines. Larry Gray, CEO of the Seminole Hospital District, says he has encouraged vaccines for his staff, but he does not believe that mandating a vaccine is an appropriate course of action.

He says the mandate is sending a terrible message to everyone, because if the vaccines are supposedly working, then why do you mandate other people to get these vaccines. He wonders what happens to the choices of individuals and decisions of a medical nature made between a doctor and their patient. The hospital will continue to support those types of things, according to Gray.

Many more worker in healthcare are wondering how the mandate can even be enforced. A Duke Health employee, Kasie Barrett, said she’s wondering who has any authority to force anything else on an individual. Barrett says she has the right to choose and will choose as she pleases to not get the vaccine.

Many others are hopeful that the mandates for the vaccine will be helpful, while others hope the mandates backfire and that everyone continues to resist. We are a divided nation, right now.

Author: Mavis Beeves