Alec Baldwin Blubbers Through Another Pathetic Excuse For His Negligence

Alec Baldwin is finally speaking out after one person died and another was injured on the set of a movie he was starring in. The movie, “Rust,” was being filmed at the Bonanza Creek Ranch in New Mexico when a live round went off, shooting and killing the set’s cinematographer, Halyna Hutchins.

For the first time since the shooting, Baldwin is finally coming out with a public statement. He met with George Stephanopoulos on ABC during an interview that will air on Thursday of this week. Baldwin says he didn’t pull the trigger on set when the prop gun that he had in his hands went off. He has no idea what happened. Baldwin maintains that he would never ever point a gun at someone and then pull the trigger. “Never.” Her emphasized.

It was his first sitdown-style interview since the shooting on October 21s of this year. The shooting happened on the set of ‘Rust,’ western style film. Baldwin said that he was informed before he was given the gun that it was safe and that handling was safe, as well. Authorities are still trying to figure out and are still investigating to try and understand how the gun ended up with a live round inside of it.

ABC released the clip of Baldwin on Wednesday which show him breaking down into tears while he describes Halyna Hutchins. Hutchins was the cinematographer on the set, and died on the way to the hospital of her wounds. The Director of the set, Joel Souza, was also injured but is in recovery.

Baldwin was asked directly about how the gun ended up in the gun and on the set in the first place. Baldwin responded by saying he has no clue how that even happened. He said he believes someone placed a bullet inside the gun because live rounds weren’t even allowed to be on the set or the property.

The interview will play on ABC and is an hour-long special. It will air at 8pm ET on Thursday before streaming on the Hulu platform later that same evening.

Authorities who are investigating the accident have admitted that there was ‘some complacency’ in the way that weapons were being handled on the set of “Rust.” They say, however, that it is too early in the investigation to make a determination about whether or not charges are to be filed. Especially in the midst of civil lawsuits regarding the fatal shooting and liability that are ongoing.

Author: Jane Jorgenson