Airline CEOs Have a Message Democrats Don’t Want You To Hear

The CEOs of two major airline companies recently spoke out questioning the necessity of masks on flights.

CEO Doug Parker of American Airlines and CEO Gary Kelly of Southwest each made related statements during a recent Senate hearing regarding financial support of the airline industry throughout the pandemic.

According to the federal government, all airline passengers are required to wear face coverings.

However, both Kelley and Parker said that thanks to advanced air filtration systems that have been installed on airliners since the pandemic struck, there is no longer a need for passengers to wear masks, and said that the masks likely make no difference in the transmission of COVID-19 now that such systems are universal.

The remarks came in response to questions posed by Senator Roger Wicker (R-MS) during the hearing. Wicker is a ranking member of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, and asked the CEOs directly whether they thought masks needed to be mandated on airliners.

Kelly responded by saying that the “masks don’t add much” since the “air cabin environment… is very safe… compared to any other indoor setting.”

Parker added that “I concur. An aircraft is the safest place you can be,” adding that the high level of antiviral filtration is “true of all of our aircraft.”

According to a study released last October from the Harvard University School of Public Health came down decisively on the fact that air cabin filters drastically reduce the odds of COVID-19 transmission during flights.

The report states that scientific evidence collected in their studies prove that there is an extremely low risk of COVID transmission on an aircraft, and adds that the effective ventilation “effectively counters the proximity travelers are subject to.” The report also explains that the HEPA filters onboard commercial aircraft capture “99% of the particles containing the virus.”

The corporations and the scientists have spoken, but will Biden’s Democrat controlled government listen? Probably not, and mask-happy COVID Czar Anthony Fauci isn’t likely to listen to reason either. Meanwhile, Air Marshalls and flight attendants have been increasingly cracking down on passengers who find themselves short of breath or need to exercise their right to an unmasked face for any other reason.

Author: William Dunn