ACLU Makes a 2A Claim So Ridiculous, Even Democrats Are Laughing

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) recently put their foot in their mouth by declaring last Sunday that the Second Amendment is racist at a “foundational” level and without racism would never have been included in the Bill of Rights.

The ACLU called upon Ines Santos, who according to her byline is a communications intern, to write a commentary and news piece about whether or not Black Americans share the same right to bear arms. The intern decided to state that “anti-Blackness” was responsible for creating the “the Second Amendment,” and added that it has since perpetuated “the unequal… racist application of gun laws.”

Santos declares that American’s “widespread gun ownership” has led to a “vigilantism” that places Black people in a “vulnerable position,” due to racist brutality and discriminatory policing.

Santos says that the recent crime wave affecting America’s cities “continues to spark debate” regarding the role of the Second Amendment, but claims that such debates always include an “intrinsic anti-Blackness.”

Santos claims that “the rhetoric of gun rights” has been abused in order to gin up “white racial anxiety” and contextualize “Blackness as an inherent threat.”

The piece was brief, only being three paragraphs in length and tersely closing out with a plug for the ACLU’s “At Liberty” podcast. The ACLU posted the story to social media, but was met with a wave of criticism and backlash.

Jeff Jacoby, columnist for the Boston Globe said that the ACLU “completely lost the plot,” and added that they completely overlooked how the National African American Gun Association grew from a single chapter based in Atlanta in 2015, to having over 75 chapters today with 30,000 members.

Dan Gainor, vice president of the Media Research Center said that the ACLU was now “an embarrassment to [their] own history.”

The Libertarian Part of Texas slammed the piece, explaining that the first gun control laws were racist, being created to stop slaves from revolting. The statement expressed that placing limits on minorities’ right to keep and bear arms is a staple “of American racism.”

Respondents to the ACLU’s tweet went wild with the article.

Author: Rosemary Craig