Abandoned Americans Share Horror Stories From Taliban Land

One American woman that remains tapped in war-torn Afghanistan just told CNN that she is intensely fearing for her own life. The woman worked for the United States military for 14 years as an interpreter, but now, she has been left behind in a country full of people that just want to kill her and anyone like her.

The woman spoke with Chris Cuomo, a CNN newscaster, and went by the name, “Sara.” This is not her real name, of course. She said she has no idea what’s going on anymore and doesn’t know what to believe because the people who are supposed to help her leave the country have been going back and for over and over with different stories for the past couple of weeks. Sara says she does not know who she can trust right now.

When asked what her biggest fear is this second by Chris Cuomo, Sara responded by saying her safety is her biggest fear.

Sara is trapped in Afghanistan with 37 other people, some of them who are children, with no way out. She says that none of them are safe. She is also worried because all of these people are staying in her house. She’s worked for an interpreter for the military for more than 14 years, and believes that she is a target. She doesn’t know what’s next, but believes they are in grave danger.

Sara says that all they smell is death. She’s afraid to let the people leave her house. She’s afraid to go out. But she’s also afraid to stay. She doesn’t know what her next move should be. She said that even after going on many different missions with the U.S. military to all sort of provinces, she’s never been as afraid as she is right now. She feels abandoned, and said that with the Americans gone, she is left to the Taliban who wants to kill her. And now she’s there with 37 other people that the Taliban will want to kill. She said that she has no idea how she will be rescued, when the Americans couldn’t get to her when they were on the ground, and she is now devoid of hope.

Author: Zack Mathers