A Weekend Of Israeli Victories — See Them Here

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) continued to target Palestinian Hamas terrorists throughout the weekend, destroying a bank that is reported to fund terrorist campaigns against Israel. The residencies of top extremist generals were also targeted.

The target list of Hamas extremists attacked over the weekend include the following:

Yahya Sinwar – The Chairman of Hamas’s Political Bureau

Muhammad Sinwar – Brother of Yahya, and Head of Logistics and Manpower

Khaled Manamara, Commander of Hamas’s Al-Farka’in Battalion

Raed Saad – Chief of Staff for Hamas’s Special Operations

Tisar Mevasher – Commander of Hamas’s ‘Karrara’ Battalion

Azi Tama’a – Commander of Hamas’s ‘Central Camps’ Brigade

The IDF’s airstrikes came as a retaliation against rocket attacks from Hamas terrorists in Gaza strip. Hamas targeted residential regions with thousands of rockets, killing dozens and injuring hundreds of Israeli citizens.

A story from the conflict, the IDF prevented an explosive laden drone from reaching Israel, shooting it down mid-air before it fell on the terrorists operating it, killing them in the explosion.

IDF also destroyed a building which was shared by the Associated Press. The building contained multiple civilian media offices, meant by Hamas to be used as a human shield. IDF offered advanced warning to civilians in the building, giving them sufficient time to evacuate before the strike occurred.

The IDF has also taken out several underground rocket launchers, terrorist tunnel networks, anti-tank missiles, and terrorist personnel who were caught actively participating in terrorist activity.

President Joe Biden affirmed America’s support for Israel’s right to defend itself from rocket attacks, condemning the aggressive actions. He also said that the U.S. wishes to strengthen it’s partnership with the Palestinian government in an effort to bring peace to the region. Biden’s ultimate aim is reported to be making Jerusalem “a place of peaceful coexistence” for people of “all faiths.”

Author: Henry Williams

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