A New Pandemic Rears Its Ugly Head — And It’s Much Worse Than COVID

The Alderman for Chicago, Brian Hopkins, said the police force in the city is not facing a terrifying number of shortages due to the inability to recruit anyone to the police force.

On Saturday, the alderman said during an interview that the city is struggling to fill positions due to the hostile anti-police environment that is a standard nationwide at this point. He said that currently the police force is down a whopping 10% from being fully staffed and they suspect that percentage to increase dramatically to around 30%.

Many people thing the issue with the police recruitment is because of vaccine mandates, but Hopkins says that’s not really the case and that there’s a lot more to it.

He says it isn’t because of vaccines and is much more to do with how difficult it is to recruit and train police officers in an environment that is now anti-police all around the nation, not just in Chicago.

Even though Hopkins denies that the shortage is happening because of vaccination requirements, it was just earlier in the week that Lori Lightfoot, the mayor of Chicago, took the Fraternal Order Of Police, a police union, to go to court over the local chapter’s rebellion against the vaccination mandates. This generated increasing tension between Lightfoot and the law enforcement around Chicago. Additionally, police officers in the Chicago area are reportedly considering a so-called labor action, where they refuse to leave home.

Hopkins says the highly-public dispute between leaders of the city and the Chicago law enforcement heads is upsetting to everyone.

Hopkins says police officers need to stand up and keep their oaths to serve and protect those in society now more than they ever have. And that we just can’t have these disputes right now.

Concerns are particularly heightened due to the fact that the Federal Bureau of Investigation said that Chicago’s overall rate of homicide increased by more than 50% between 2019 and 2020. There has also been a massive increase in thefts and sexual assaults.

Crime is now an epidemic in the Chicago area. There’s more violent crimes and thefts and shoot-outs.

The head of the Chicago police force is fully vaccinated, but opposes mandates. And Liberals just can’t get their heads around that.

Author: Brandy Pointer