2020 Dems Make Promise To Illegals–Trump Slams Them

Image Source: The Bearded Patriot

Last night was yet another circus as the rest of the 2020 Democratic candidates squared off in debate. Our real president, Donald Trump, was busy meeting with world leaders at the G20 summit. But he did take a moment to watch the debates and was shocked at what the candidates said. He quickly torched them over this major proposal.

It’s safe to say that the first set of Democratic debates was a nightmare. Many critics have called the debates “chaotic.” The candidates—supposedly mature, professional politicians—were cutting each other off, bickering, and shouting over moderators. They couldn’t seem to get along or show any support.

Until one issue popped up.

Democrats can’t promise Americans a great economy. Trump’s already done that. Because of the president’s policies, we are thriving. The left can’t beat that, so they are hoping to pander to one group they think will back them: illegal immigrants.

What do they think illegals want? Amnesty? Jobs? Housing? Schooling for their children? They already got a lot of those! No, what every candidate last night supported was giving free healthcare for all illegals.

President Trump, while at the G20 summit did not like that at all.

President Donald Trump met with world leaders on Thursday, but that did not stop him from commenting on the second night of the Democrat debates on MSNBC.

During a meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Trump said he saw that all of the Democrats on stage wanted to give health care to illegal immigrants.

“Unfortunately they didn’t discuss what they’re giving to American citizens. That’s not a good thing,” Trump said to reporters ahead of the meeting. [Source: Breitbart]

That’s right. Every last Democrat running for president in 2020 want to spend your money to give illegal aliens free healthcare. Trump totally roasted them by saying “How about taking care of American citizens first?”

Obama ruined our healthcare with his disastrous “Obamacare.” That government-backed program striped options from millions of Americans and increased the cost of health insurance. President Trump has fought to repeal it and create a better system, one that creates more options and affordability for Americans.

Democrats in Congress have refused to back his plans. Today, they want to tax you even more so they can give free healthcare to people who are in the country illegally.

They don’t discuss ways of fixing our broken healthcare system. Bernie Sanders wants to provide “Medicare for all,” a program that would bankrupt our economy and strip 180 million Americans of their existing health coverage.

Now all the Democrats running in 2020 think it’s okay to punish American workers, so that illegal immigrants can get free coverage. You know why they are doing this. They want illegals to back them in the next election. Plus, when word gets around that America is giving out free healthcare to illegal aliens, millions more from around the world will come running.

Forget about protecting the border! It will become hell on earth. Our nation will be overrun with illegal aliens. There will be no place to put them—not to mention enough jobs for you and me.

But Democrats are unable to see the disaster that is waiting to happen. They don’t care how much damage they cause to our country—as long as they win.

Their plans for America just keep getting worse and worse. Meanwhile, Trump continues to land new trade deals, bring jobs back, reduce regulation, and find solutions to our problems. We need more leaders like him, who want to fix our nation’s struggles. Not these clown Democrats, who want to throw around our money like it grows on trees.

The sad reality is, there are many Americans who will support the Democrats’ terrible plans. And they will be voting for them. One of these leftists will be swept into office, if patriots don’t step up and support Donald Trump.

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